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  • Can you help me find the right apparel size for my dog?
    In order to select the right apparel size for your dog, you will need to measure both the neck and chest in centimeters for exact measurement or in inches if you want to round up. Below is an example sizing chart showing chest size by standard apparel sizing and example dog breeds.
  • What happens if I purchase the wrong size?
    Don't worry! You can request store credit to purchase the appropriate size for your pup. Just send details and a picture of the item within 14 days of receiving your package to Sizing exchanges can be granted up to two times per order.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We are committed to providing the best experience, which is why we don't believe in executing refund transactions that will result in product or transportation waste. Our policy is to allow each customer 14 days from the date of purchase the opportunity to request a refund in the form of company credit. As our small business grows, we will be able to offer monetary refunds for unwanted purchases. Since we are still in our first phase of launching, we can only offer company credit for approved refund requests.
  • How do I track my order?
    The easiest way to track your purchased order is to search the tracking number using the recommended logistics site You can find the tracking number in your shipping email.
  • How long does shipping normally take?
    Shipping is completed directly by our suppliers and can take up to 30 calendar days to arrive at the final destination depending on the shipping address. Most orders are delivered to customers within 14 to 20 days. At this time, we cannot offer express shipping as it will significantly increase the cost of goods. As our business grows, we will be able to update shipping options to customize each customer's experience.
  • Who are the founders of Rubies and Ruffles, LLC?
    Our company is a small business that is owned and operated by two sisters, Jessica Herr and Alodie Vang. They share a passion for animals, especially dogs, and are absolutely obsessed with finding the cutest accessories for their three pups: Snowflake, Mochi, and Yumi. This passion turned into a business idea. What if they could make it easier and more accessible for every dog owner to find their pups the trendiest and most fashionable accessories? Standard offerings at traditional pet stores always seemed to disappoint, so their goal was to create a boutique committed to curating only the cutest accessories worth browsing. After all, time is better spent cuddling our precious pups than on mindless online shopping! Ultimately, our company mission is to help every pup feel Fancy and Fluffy with each accessory brought home because we believe that every moment with our pups is worth turning into a happy, fashionable memory!
  • Do you design or create your own products?
    At this time, we are too small to manufacture or design customized products for pups. However, this idea is still only a few steps away! Our goal is to expand our business offerings and grow large enough to create a sustainable supply chain of fashionable and affordable dog accessories. Every purchase on this platform can help us get closer to making this idea a reality!
  • Where do you find your products?
    As a small business, we are spending the majority of our time sourcing products manufactured in the United States of America and China. Our primary goal is to source from the United States of America (this is our business's home country), and our secondary source is from highly-rated manufacturers in China.
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