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Behind the Scenes: Creating Collections

One of our goals at Rubies and Ruffles is to stay ahead of the fashion curve. We want to help you and your pups be the trend makers that our world needs for inspiration.

But, if I am being completely honest, this is really hard to do!

Part of our launch has felt a little like an identity crisis - at least on the user interface front. We know WHO we are, and what our goals FEEL like, but it is much harder to translate ideas into tangible, buzzworthy collections that are affordable, relatable and easy to navigate online.

I spend probably 80% of my time in this business brainstorming about the next buzzworthy collection and then finding the right suppliers to help you have affordable access to these statement pieces.

Personally, I'm a picky shopper. I only want to have the cutest and highest quality items when I spend my hard-earned money. And I'm assuming all of my dog mommas and friends would feel the same way.

And so it just feels right to spend the majority of our time on the right product sourcing for our collections. It's almost as if, our buzzworthy collections serve as our art galleries for what is possible.

I hope you find our collections to be just as inspiring as we feel they are. In the coming months, we are planning to launch collections for the fall and winter seasons. And we can't wait to share what we've found!

Sending love and puppy kisses xoxo,

Jessica Herr

Founder of Rubies and Ruffles


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