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Breaking into the World

Starting a new business is so much more challenging than Inc. magazine makes it seem. It's not an overnight feat, and definitely takes more grit, effort, and mistakes than one is normally comfortable with.

But the risk and rewards must surely be worth it... after all, your new business is breaking into the world, changing what's available, and challenging the status quo right?

I started Rubies and Ruffles with a passion for finding the trendiest pup accessories and making it affordable for dog lovers everywhere. I truly believe in elevating the experiences of our precious best friends.

Growing up, I had a thirst for puppy love. If there was ever a dog around, big or small, it got all of my unconditional love and undying attention, and these precious pups never failed to return the favor.

It was only until I had to say good bye to my dear Ruffles at his old age of 14, that I realized how short their lives truly are, and how much more special we could make their days if we only invested in some fun accessories here and there.

Ruffles loved bow ties, squeaky toys, plushy pillows and collared t-shirts. Even though it was unconventional at the time, we also got him a blue, sparkly leash and collar set with Hello Kitty designs on it. He loved every accessory and when he passed, I created a shadow box to commemorate his favorite bow tie.

It still comforts me to this day to have his fashionable accessories nearby. I hope the new business that I've started inspires dog lovers everywhere to make similar memories because time with them is too short.

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching new collections to give you more options for seasonal wear, dog moms, and even health and wellness. I hope you choose to join our Friends List to get a 20% off coupon that you can use at any time.

With much love and appreciation,

Jessica Herr

Founder, Rubies and Ruffles, LLC

From the Dog Momma collection:

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