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Daring to Dream a Little

Where do dreams come from? How do creative people always come up with new ideas?

As an entrepreneur, it can be daunting to share a new idea with the world, especially if it doesn't garner immediate attention and praise. But ideas are simply that. A novel thought. Or a new suggestion or opinion. It shouldn't feel scary to share these.

It's more daunting, I believe, to dream.

Dreaming takes a bit more effort because it requires storytelling. It begs for an ending to a beginning, and for chapters of interesting thoughts in between. Dreaming requires multiple seasons of hoping, losing, failing, and overcoming obstacles.

Growing up, I was called a "creative" girl and always encouraged by my teachers to dream. I would write, paint, create, and journal about all of the ways I wanted to change the world. I would create new worlds and new characters, and I made sure that every new creation would have a story or impact that felt significant to me.

To this day, this child-like addiction to dreaming has kept me curious and daring. Dreams are what push us outside of our comfort zones and into new realities. Dreams are also what can change our priorities.

For those who are wondering, why create a pet business? Why not something else? Something new? Something novel?

My answer is this. I have always dreamed of owning and operating my very own business for passionate dog lovers. There's just something about creating a service or haven for like-minded people who cherish and adore these beautiful creatures we get to call "best friends" or "four-legged children."

I hope that my daring to dream has impacted reality, just enough, to inspire someone else to take a chance on loving, raising, and spoiling a pup or two.

Here's to the dreamers that help make the world go 'round!

Jessica Herr,

Founder of Rubies and Ruffles


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