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How to Pick the Pawfect Sweater for Your Pup!

We know it's tough to find the pawfect fitting sweater for dogs. Dog sizing can be super tricky because some dogs are skinny but tall, and some are short but chonky!

The easiest way to find the pawfect fit is to learn how to measure the chest size or torso size of your pup.

Our Chief Executive Barketer (Mochi) is a 60 lb. micro bully who stands tall at only 2 ft. His wide chest makes it hard for him to fit into traditional dog sized sweaters.

I typically look for sweaters that give him a chest size of at least 18 inches for stretch, and then roll up his sleeves and hem them, or I custom fit a toddler sweater for him to wear! His toddler size is typically a 3-5 year old size!

We hope the tips below help you find the pawfect size for your puppy's new sweaters.

  1. Have your dog stand on a level surface.

  2. Use a sewing tape measure to wrap around your dog's chest directly behind its front legs. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a string and then measure the length of string used to wrap.

  3. Measure twice to confirm the size in both centimeters and inches.

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