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Top Dog Accessories for 2022

We've ranked the Top 5 dog accessories for 2022. See what made our list and let us know which accessory is your favorite!

No. 5
Ombre-dyed Rope Leash

These leashes have completely changed the style scene for dog walks. They're minimalist, modern, and can be colored in so many varieties. They're surprisingly sturdy and light-weight and make for a great walking accessory if your pup is not a tugger.

No. 4

Almost any Insta-famous pup will have a pair of sunglasses in their Insta photo gallery. Most dog owners think these accessories are a better fit for small dogs like Maltese or Chihuahuas, but there are many large dogs that can fit these frames as well.

No. 3

Believe it or not, but hairpins became a trend when influencers started calling their puppy "baby" and buying baby hair pins to style the front bangs of their long-haired pups. Now, there are hairpins dedicated to mimicking accessories like miniature sunglasses.

No. 2

We've gone from bandannas to easily-tied bibs for dogs! It's more of a baby dog look, but they're just as cute and photo-worthy as the trusty ol' bandanna.

No. 1
Backpack Carriers

This trend has been growing steadily for the past few years. As more people explore parks and trails with their pups, these backpack carriers have become more of the mainstream for smaller sized dogs that may not have the endurance to run up and down longer trails.


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