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The Secrets to Longevity for Dogs

We're blessed to have had our Chief Advisor Snowflake with us for over 14 years. He's still wagging his tail and trotting around parks looking for trees to mark as his territory.

Chief Advisor Snowflake

If you're anything like us, you want your lovely pup to live a very long and healthy life with you, so we've decided to share Snowflake's secrets to longevity so you can help your pup live beyond the years ahead!

Secret #1: Brush Teeth Regularly

Did you know that dogs can get serious infections from tooth rot? Snowflake has had two dental procedures to remove his teeth because he absolutely hates brushing. His hatred for brushing teeth led to tooth infections and rounds of anti-biotics. It wasn't until his teeth were removed that his health improved dramatically because the tartar wasn't creating bacteria build up in his mouth. If you can add anything to your pup's routine, it should be regular teeth brushing!

Secret #2: Feed a Mixture of Healthy Foods and Supplements

Snowflake has a very particular diet. He's a picky eater but for good reason! We have fed him over the years a mixture of different healthy kibbles, raw foods like broccoli, and supplements. Because we change up his meal plans regularly, it has given him a variety of nutrients and vitamins that help him stay energetic and healthy. Our recommendation is to mix raw foods with healthy kibble as much as possible to expand the amount of nutrition your dog receives. If your dog is a picky eater, try giving your pup a supplement mixed with peanut butter to enhance their intake of nutrients!

Secret #3: Protect, Protect, Protect

Snowflake's skin is very sensitive, so we often spend time protecting his fur and skin from mites, mosquitoes, and other bugs. Bug bites can lead to infections, so it is important to use natural products that can help prevent fleas, ticks, and mosquitos from hurting your best friend.

Secret #4: Chiropractic Therapy

Now that Snowflake is in his elderly years (he hates that word), he spends time at the pet chiropractor monthly to participate in different therapies that help to relax his muscles and increase his strength and flexibility. We've noticed that he's become more active and energetic since he's started chiropractic therapy. He even likes to show us the sploots every now and then!

If you found these tips helpful, let us know or check out our Peace and Bubbles collection which recommends some awesome supplements infused with CBD.


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