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Summer Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

We've got some great recommendations for how you can make your summer the most memorable for you and your pup! Guaranteed waggy tails!

No. 1 - Take a Road Trip to Starbucks and a Stroll Around a Shopping Center

Some of my favorite memories have been taking our Chief Executive Barketer Mochi on a mini-road trip to Starbucks. I will purposely drive a little slower and with windows open so he can hang his little head out and smell the wind as it blows by. We'll cruise to Starbucks and get us a treat or two and then head over to an outdoor shopping center that is dog friendly. Then we'll both take a stroll and enjoy our treats in the sun.

No. 2 - Plan a Tree Spa Day

When the weather gets cool enough or breezy enough for an outdoor picnic, grab a blanket and some snacks and find a park with a ton of shade and trees. Lay out with your pup next the trees and experience together what the Japanese call "tree bathing" until you get the munchies for snacks. Then use a pack of wet wipes and rub down your dog's paws and belly.

No. 3 - Water Fun in the Sun

If it's too hot to try tree bathing, you can always bathe in water together! Find a way to incorporate water fun in the sun with your pup. You can visit a lake, beachfront, or just find opportunities to play in a sprinkle of water together. If your dog is water adverse, you can always try having your pup wear our cute sport goggles to keep the water out of their eyes.


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